Friday, 27 February 2009

Memory jogging

This is me nearing the end of a 9km 'sightjog' through the streets of Barcelona. That guy next to me is the reason why. His name is Arnd Krüger and besides being a very fit and very friendly chap, he is the brains and brawn behind an ingenious little company called Sightjogging. Offering to take you on eight different runs of upto 15km around the city sights, Sightjogging also offers a refreshing alternative to dull sight slogging with the crowds. You'll notice from the picture that it's just the two of us. That was pretty much how it was for the entire run. Apart from Jody taking the photos, the places normally overrun with people – La Rambla, El Call and Port Vell – were completely deserted. Why? It was 7am. It was a great chance to take in some of Arnd's many historical anecdotes and uncover a side of the city you rarely see. My breathless account will feature in the May/June issue in of the Ryanair inflight magazine. (

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