Friday, 24 October 2008

Toy story

Little Ibi is the mountainside pueblo with a sweet history. After decades scraping snow from the nearby peaks to make ice cream, the hard-grafting townsfolk turned their mitts to the manufacture of toys in the 1905. And they're still producing truckloads of both today. Obviously a place like this would sound like heaven on earth to most kids, so I wrote a cheery introductory feature for YeahBaby magazine (yeah, really). Lightly skipping over colourful tales of professional espionage, cutthroat competition and mass walkouts from the original three toy factories during Ibi's 'golden age' of toy making, I pointed young travellers to a more wholesome history at the town's Valencian Toy Museum. Packed full of classic toys. it's a refreshingly straightforward museum that lets the fruits of over a hundred years' labour speak for themselves. The article will feature in the December-January issue of YeahBaby magazine (

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