Saturday, 4 October 2008

Bloke's eye view

I normally write pretty neutral city guides. Simple little introductions to places I visit that wouldn't exclude too many tastes or budgets. That said, I'm a 28-year-old man. My opinion of a good way to spend time occasionally differs from that of a 42-year-old single mum with kids in tow. But I've never been one to spoon-feed addresses and must-sees. My belief is this: give a man a guidebook and he'll stay on the right track for a day; inspire that man to look around for interesting shit himself and he'll not get lost, bored or flustered for a lifetime. Writing a bloke-centric guide to Las Palmas, then, was a piece I was born to write. With strict instructions to find a few interesting things for lads to do – and without too much boorish ‘stag do’ fodder – I was dispatched by the easyJet magazine to find Gran Canaria’s beating, masculine heart for the November issue. Apologies to all those who feel left out. (

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