Monday, 8 March 2010

Vote Valencia

I moved to Valencia with my girlfriend in late 2007. While I could probably give you a million reasons why we're still here, I still haven't the foggiest idea what made us decide to relocate to this perennially sunny Mediterranean city, renowned for good food and endless festivals, in the first place. Honestly, we didn't know a thing about all this before we left. Okay, maybe we had an inkling that it would be warmer than Finsbury Park in winter. We just decided that we wanted to try out life in another country, and that Madrid or Barcelona would have been too big for comfort. So you could say that we settled on Spain's third-largest metropolis, well, by default. That's no bad thing, though. In fact, as a travel writer looking for inspiration you can't beat having a brand new city to explore with a blank notebook. Making up for my initial ignorance, I made it my job to find out what makes the city tick and have learned, burned, eaten and partied a lot over the last few years doing it. I've lived it to write it to live another day, basically. My latest guide in the Ryanair magazine is an unabashedly subjective albeit worthy selection of the bars, restaurants, people and cultural quirks that have made my life here pretty bloody marvellous. Hopefully it will provide an appealing slice of Valencia, inspiring those who weren't sure about the city before to pop over when they can and learn a little more. (

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