Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Eternal youth

Rome, the Eternal City, will always inhabit a sentimental albeit pokey little corner of my heart. It was the destination of my first romantic getaway. It was also deserted and rained solid for the entire three days. We spent most of our time hopping from closed pizzerias to bad exhibitions to bed (and repeat), but we somehow managed to find the bright side, and the handful of Romans that hadn't left the city to spend Christmas with with their nans. My own experience was no doubt lightened a shade or two by the woman I was with (and still am) and also the little boy I overheard by the Trevi Fountain during a particularly brutal thunderstorm. And I quote: "This place is rubbish! Everything's broken and there's cat shit everywhere." Poor sod. He was right, though. The ruins don't always appeal to everyone and the cats – along with a gaggle of particularly prickish waiters – did saunter about like they owned the place. At the time, however, I did feel better that I wasn't having as much of a crappy time as him. I later felt guilty. This month, I have decided to dedicate my 'Roam Rome with the kids' piece in the Wizz inflight magazine to him. Bless. (www.wizzmagazine.com)

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