Friday, 29 May 2009

Alicante revisited

"The only people who ever have a bad word to say about Alicante are the very same people who have never been there. Situated on the Spain’s eastern coast, bordering Murcia on the south and Valencia on the north, Alicante is, in reality, one of the country’s most attractive and cosmopolitan cities with an irresistible all-year-round buzz. Add that to rich cultural and culinary traditions, demonstrated by a wide selection of award-winning museums, world-class restaurants and deep-rooted festivities, and you might to ask yourself why you haven’t been to see the true Alicante for yourself yet." Okay, there's a sniff of hyperbole in the introduction to my online Alicante guide for YeahBaby (web coming) but I'm no liar. Admittedly, summer might not be the best time to sample the full spectrum of what's on offer – as it normally turns into a bit of a wild party town – but you might be surprised at what you can find during the rest of the year with a good guide. Architecture, gastronomy, artesanal sweet shops, swish beach clubs, picturesque day escapes... it's all there if you start looking in the right place and, of course, stop listening to the naysayers.

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