Thursday, 17 April 2008


With toes the size of footballs and brains the size of a walnuts, dinosaurs can't have given a fossil where they walked. But for us little people now running things on planet earth, it will always be fascinating to know where they did. So when I heard biologists were dusting off dino footprints in Alpuente, two hours northwest of Valencia city, I put in a call to the mayoress. Thankfully, she was able to pick around my dusty Spanish and find the bones of a question. It must have sounded something like: "Can I want walking with footprints? Thank you!" but she understood perfectly and arranged an unforgettable prehistory lesson to help with my article. It will run in the June issue of the easyJet magazine ( If you want to cut out the middle man (or reduce a carbon footprint) organise a visit yourself through Alpuente's Museo Paleontologico (

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